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I solve problems through design


I am a second year interaction design student at Northeastern University who is passionate about how technology and people interact. For my first semester of college I studied abroad in Rome, which was an incredibly rewarding experience. I made a video all about the four months I spent in Europe and how it was so valuable to my development as a student and a person!

This past summer I was a user experience intern at INTTRA, a software as a service company for the shipping industry. I was very fortunate to work directly under the Head of User Experience, which allowed me to learn so many relevant skills about the software and processes used in the design field. I also learned how valuable work experience is since it provides an opportunity to apply learned skills to real projects. Therefore, I have tried to keep myself busy this school year outside of classes working as a design strategist for Scout, Northeastern’s student-led design studio, and a designer for TEDxNortheasternU.

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